Finding the right resources for your innovation

Besides financing, Prompt fills an important gap by helping you gain access to the most brilliant minds in the university sector. We offer you the opportunity to expand your internal team and take advantage of the universities’ theoretical and practical knowledge so that you can facilitate and accelerate your R&D.

Access to state-of-the-art infrastructure

Our scientific community has research facilities that are at the forefront of technology and also has the necessary equipment to develop almost any type of ICT prototypes.

Thanks to our research partnerships, we are able to offer you the opportunity to access the best material resources and university scientists. We invite you to take advantage of these tools which will serve as additional gears in order to accelerate the completion of your R&D projects.

Whether it’s a question of computer equipment and software, new technologies, highly specialized measuring equipment or equipment for the manufacturing of components and circuits, do not hesitate to advise us of your needs; we will put you in touch with the right partners to work on your R&D projects.

Networking and special events

Several times a year, Prompt organizes networking activities that take place across Québec. These workshops stimulate relations between the public research community and industry and are an ideal setting for discussions of new trends and current challenges in the world of ICTs.

Prompt works with its partners through many other ICT activities. Learn more through our Events section.

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