Posted on 13/02/2023

QuantERA: New program for applied quantum science

MEIE x PRIMA x Prompt

Quantum technologies offer extraordinary advances in all scientific fields. They are a must for the research sector in Quebec and throughout Canada if our country is to position itself as an influential player on the international scene. 

On January 23, 2023, the Canadian government announced, through an official release from Justin Trudeau, “a new federal investment of $40 million to enable the Toronto-based Canadian quantum computing company Xanadu Quantum Technologies Inc. to build and commercialize the world’s first photonic-based, fault-tolerant quantum computer”. 

In Quebec, the provincial government has supported quantum innovation for several years. In 2018, it launched a call, via four distinct components, for projects in quantum technologies. PRIMA and Prompt are the two industrial research sectoral clusters (Regroupements Sectoriels de Recherche Industrielle – RSRI) that manage collaborative research streams for SMEs and academia. In 2020, the government further strengthened its support for this sector when, in collaboration with Université de Sherbrooke, it created the non-profit organization PINQ2, which will be responsible for operating the world's 5th quantum supercomputer starting in the fall of 20232. 

The QuantERA program’s goals 

In Europe, in 2014, a network of 39 research funding organizations from 31 countries created the QuantERA Program to support research and innovation in quantum technologies and achieve the following goals: 

  • provide the European quantum community with Calls for Proposals in QT 
  • promote excellent research in QT 
  • encourage transnational collaborations in QT 
  • favour networking among research funders in QT 
  • map national, regional & European public policies in QT 
  • spread research excellence across the European Research Area (ERA). 

A joint call for projects between the MEIE, PRIMA and Prompt

This year, with the support of the Quebec government’s Ministère de l'Économie, de l'Innovation et de l'Énergie (MEIE), PRIMA and Prompt, the QuantERA program opened its call for projects to quantum players in Quebec until May 11, 2023. Quebec academics are, therefore, eligible to submit proposals for international research projects in quantum technologies through the international component of the research organization support program: Programme de soutien aux organismes de recherche et d’innovation (PSO International). 

PSO International helps support the international activities of Quebec actors in the university, college, institutional and industrial sectors working in various research and innovation niches. 

The QuantERA program is open to consortia of no fewer than 3 partners from at least 3 different countries, all of whom must be funding applicants. In Quebec, universities, CTTCs and public research centers may participate in this call for projects. To be eligible, they must meet PSO International criteria and the specific criteria of the QuantERA program. 


Contact et informations  

If you are interested in this call for projects or have questions, visit the program explanation page and download the complete guide (EN)📃