Our team

The PROMPT team is formed of experts in collaborative innovation. Our advisors and program managers work to bring together the key ingredients to fund your innovation projects and ensure their success.

Our business development specialists help create high-impact linkages among researchers and companies in the fields of healthcare, 5G, AI, cybersecurity, UX, telecommunications and digital media.


Our communications specialists highlight the most innovative projects in Quebec and help create events for our communities.


Our management team and operations and finance team are comprised of experienced managers and experts who are committed to the success of our members’ projects.

Frédéric Bove
Executive Director

Madeleine Jean
Deputy Executive Director


Antoine Auger
Senior Director
Business Development

Nicolas Bergeron
Program Director
Artificial Intelligence

Sameh Chebbi
Finance and Human Resources
Jinny Plourde, Directrice des programmes - PSO, Quantique et INNOV-R

Jinny Plourde
Program Director
PSO and Quantum

Sovita Chander
Account Manager
Academic Partnerships

Julie Blaudin de Thé
Communications and Communities

Marc Baaklini
Account Manager
Cybersecurity (QCIP) 

Ghislain Nadeau
Account Manager

Alexandre Dion
Account Manager
Artificial Intelligence

Juliana Hyelim Kim
Account Manager

Lotfi Kesraoui
Cybersecurity programs
director (QCIP)

Christèle Pelven
Cybersecurity programs manager
and administrative coordinator

Asma Cherif
Project coordinator
Cybersecurity (QCIP)

Flora Sandrine Konan
Project Coordinator
Cybersecurity (QCIP)

Marion Gourdin
Digital projects manager 

Louise Ouellette
Project Coordinator - Cybersecurity (QCIP), PSO & ENCQOR 5G

Tatiana Planté
Project Coordinator
Artificial Intelligence

Charlotte Armani
Administrative Coordinator



PROMPT’s board of directors consists of 15 members who are all experts in the innovation field in Quebec. Together, they contribute their rich and varied experience to PROMPT’s mission, amplifying the depth of its actions and the credibility of its approach.


Nine of the 15 directors come from the information and communications technology community, while six are heads of universities or public research centres in Quebec. The Council is chaired by an industry member.


Administrators from large businesses

Layla Nasr
CEO and V-P
Makila AI, Chair of the Board of Directors

Albert de Luca
Tax Partner

Philippe Molaret
Technical Director
Thales Digital Solutions

Sébastien Michel
Director of Quality Management Systems

Administrators from SMBs

Jacques Charron
K2 GeoSpatial

France Lavoie
CEO and V-P

Administrators of College Technology Transfer Centres

Geneviève Tanguay
Vice-president, Emerging technologies, national infrastructure and future technologies, NRC

Marie Gagné
Chair and CEO

University administrators

Vincent Aimez
Valorization and Partnerships, University of Sherbrooke

Olivier Grenier
Director, Office of Research and Technology Development Centre
École Polytechnique de Montréal

Mourad Debbabi
Full Professor and Dean of the Gina-Cody School of Engineering and Computer Science, Concordia University

André Zaccarin
Dean of the Faculty of Science and Engineering, University Laval

Independent administrators

Danièle Bergeron
Société des leaders de marque

Eric Turenne


Martin Doyon
Director, Innovation, Linkages and Industrial Partnerships Sector, MEI

Janice Bailey
Scientific Director
Fonds de recherche du Québec, FRQ