INNOV-R Program

INNOV-R Program:
Projects accepted from June 18th to October 15th 2020

Quebec wants to prove it's a real leader when it comes to contributing to the planetary effort to fight against climate change. It wants to accelerate it's transition to a greener, more prosperous, and more durable economy. Quebec's society has given itself the ambitious goals to reduce their greenhouse gas emission by 20%, that is, to a level below what it was in 1990.

To do so, the INNOV-R program will focus the efforts of research and innovation in Quebec to better reach this goal and create innovative technologies and practices that will allow for the success of such an ambitious goal.

As fiduciary of the INNOV-R program, Prompt is proud to contribute to this exceptional societal project through subsidies where the financial modalities are amplified.

Unique characteristics of the INNOV-R program
  • Up to 90% public financing
  • Up to 50% INNOV-R contribution​
  • Minimum 1 entreprise per project​ (no matter the TRL)
  • Consulte INNOV-R's website

    You are interested in obtaining Prompt - INNOV-R financing? Contact Jinny Plourde, the Business development director to pre-qualify your project and obtain Prompt's standard grant request.

    Jinny Plourde, Director, Business development

    By filling out Prompt's standard grant request, you will need to provide a completed copy of the «INNOV-R Annex» formula. Please consult the INNOV-R applicant guide to complete said annex.

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