Posted on 16/02/2022


Launch of the PIXEL-IA grant for creative industries


Montreal, February 16, 2022 – As part of the PARTENAR-IA call for projects, PROMPT and 24 organizations have jointly announced the launch of PIXEL-IA, a grant specifically designed for organizations working in the creative industries sector.

The PIXEL-IA grant is a supplemental amount awarded to creative industry organizations participating in an AI collaborative research project. This $10,000 grant is added to the maximum amount of $150,000 that can be allocated to each project funded by the PARTENAR-IA program. With this program, PROMPT acts as a trustee of the Ministry of Economy and Innovation of Quebec (MEI) in order to stimulate Quebec companies seeking to develop and spread artificial intelligence-based solutions and tools in the new information and digital technologies sector.

Within the framework of PARTENAR-IA, the specific mandate of the PIXEL-IA grant is to further support Quebec’s creative industry in the development of innovations exploiting the capabilities and possibilities of AI, in order to make the sector even more competitive on the national and global scene.

For over 20 years, Quebec has been focusing on the development of the multimedia, video game and entertainment sectors as a strategic economic pillar,” explained Frédéric Bove, Executive Director of PROMPT, at the creative industries networking event organized by Entertain-AI on February 15, during which the PIXEL-IA initiative was announced. “Since 2017, with more than $2.3 billion in public and private investments in AI, Quebec is positioning itself as a highly attractive international innovation and research hub. Through the PIXEL-IA grant, PROMPT supports innovations at the confluence of these two sectors and enhances the value of past investments in order to position Quebec on tomorrow’s cutting-edge scenes.

In addition to PROMPT, the following partners have confirmed their willingness to participate in this call for projects and to promote the PIXEL-IA grant within this priority sector:

Quebec Film and Television Council (QFTC)

Centre de développement et de recherche en intelligence numérique (CDRIN)

Centre d'entreprises et d'innovation de Montréal (CEIM)

JACOBB Center for Applied Artificial Intelligence

Centre en imagerie numérique et médias interactifs (CIMMI)

PHI Centre

École des arts numériques, de l’animation et du design (NAD)






Guilde du jeu vidéo du Québec

HUB Montréal

Montréal International

MT Lab

Quartier des spectacles Partnership

Québec EPIX

Society for Arts and Technology (SAT)

SYNTHÈSE Pôle image Québec

Xn Québec

PIXEL-IA partners speak up

“PIXEL-IA will allow the entertainment sector, with PROMPT’s support, to further develop its consideration of artificial intelligence as an additional tool in a sector that is already technologically complex and one that is already highly innovative in Quebec," pointed out Julien Coll, Research and Innovation Advisor, Entertainment Industry at CDRIN. “For CDRIN, this call for projects is an opportunity to support and help players in this sector focus on the heart of their activity, namely creativity. All this, thanks to AI and Quebec’s know-how.

“As a key partner in the development of projects combining technology and creativity, the mission of Québec EPIX is to support the competitiveness and strengthen the culture of collaborative innovation among video game, animation and immersive experience companies in the Quebec City region,” declared Josiane Côté-Paquet, Director of Québec EPIX. “Québec EPIX is proud to be associated with PROMPT and all its partners for the PIXEL-IA grant. Quebec's creativity is limitless and this partnership gives us the means to demonstrate it in an innovative way.”

“Xn Québec is pleased to participate, jointly with several of our long-standing partners, in the launch of this call for projects,” stated Sophie Couture, Executive Director of the Association des producteurs d’expériences numériques (Xn Québec). “This is another opportunity for our members, and the industry in general, to continue pushing the boundaries and explore new forms of digital expression.

Entertain-AI has given itself the mandate of promoting within its community the mixing of artificial intelligence and the entertainment world,” added Stéphane Martel, Line Producer of Entertainment-AI. “Being a partner of PIXEL-IA is an opportunity to create, within a fertile ecosystem, innovation and development opportunities for these two key sectors in Quebec.

As a player in the digital transformation of Quebec, DigiHub Shawinigan and its digital culture hubs believe in the importance of supporting innovation in Quebec's creative industries,” explained Philippe Nadeau, General Manager of DigiHub Shawinigan. “In concrete terms, such a call for projects will enable the start-ups within our ecosystem to accelerate their technological development as well as their market access.”

Eligibility requirements

To be eligible for the PIXEL-IA grant, creative industry member companies must meet the criteria of the PARTENAR-IA program which includes, among its advantages, financial assistance of up to $150,000 and support for up to 50% of eligible expenses. Companies have until April 15, 2022 to apply for funding. Full details are available here.

For example, here are a few of Quebec’s creative companies whose artificial intelligence projects are supported by PROMPT: Grokvideo is developing an AI program with the ability to automatically generate media trailers, OVA is seeking to democratize virtual and augmented reality with an easy-to-use tool, and BEAM ME UP is able to measure the emotions evoked by video game chapters.


Based in Montreal, PROMPT is an industrial research cluster (RSRI) specialized in the new technologies and information technologies sector. Through the implementation of funding programs (artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, quantum, 5G...), PROMPT secures funds (from the Ministry of Economy and Innovation) to accelerate collaboration between the entrepreneurial and scientific worlds, to advance Quebec innovation to the forefront, and to increase Quebec's competitive advantage in the world. In 2019-2020, Prompt processed over 100 projects for a total value of $79,655,923.

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