Posted on 09/12/2021

Podcast - AI and Climate Change

An interview with David Rolnick, researcher at McGill University and president of Climate Change AI

David Rolnick co-authored the "Climate Change and AI" report that was recently published during COP26. The report proposes 48 policy recommendations for governments to favour beneficial uses of AI in the fight against climate change.

David is also a professor of computer science at McGill Univeristy and a member of Mila. He is also a Canada-CIFAR AI Chair holder.

In this podcast clip, initially aired on the MonCarnet show from tech journalist Bruno Guglielminetti, David talks with Prompt's Alexandre Sheldon about the report and its policy recommendations for governments.

Listen to the entire interview directly on this page. You may also download the MP3 or listen to the interview on Spotify.

David Rolnick



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