Posted on 27/02/2023

Mitacs x Prompt: A Partnership to Support Innovation in Quebec 

The Quebec Government recently announced $64.6 million in financial support to Mitacs to support innovation internships until 2027. The goal of this funding is to strengthen collaboration between businesses, students, and research teams to stimulate innovation and position Quebec, and more broadly, Canada on the international stage. 

By supporting Mitacs research and training programs in Quebec, the government aims to grow the innovation capacity of organizations, build partnerships between academic, institutional, and industrial environments, encourage the attraction and development of talent, and promote alignment between education and the need for specialized skills. 

This agreement allows Quebec graduate students to get involved with innovative companies and gain valuable experience while developing their entrepreneurial and professional skills. For businesses, this financial agreement between the Government of Quebec and Mitacs represents a commitment to strengthen support for research and business innovation, while also ensuring access to a rich pool of talent. 

Read the press release from the Ministry of Economy, Innovation and Energy regarding the grant awarded to Mitacs.

Mitacs x Prompt: a win-win partnership for both organizations 

As a pan-Canadian organization, Mitacs is a leader in promoting economic growth, productivity, and innovation through partnerships and research and training programs in industrial and social innovation. With over 16,000 collaborations with businesses and academic environments and more than 100 advisors throughout Canada, Mitacs is well-positioned to promote university-business linkages by offering students innovation internships in all research sectors. 

At the same time, Prompt brings together the right people from research centers and academic institutions to work with Quebec companies in the ICT sector, while linking technological knowledge with international business expertise. Through multi-million-dollar government funding, Prompt facilitates the development of innovations resulting from these linkages. 

In the spirit of networking and supporting Quebec-based innovation, Prompt and Mitacs have been working together for several years. Together, they enable businesses to innovate while receiving financial and human support. In fact, several Prompt funding programs require projects to hire specialized university interns. These programs cover artificial intelligence, quantum computing, and cybersecurity. 

In summary, this partnership between Mitacs and Prompt is a great example of collaborative support for innovation and economic growth in Quebec. Together, we help businesses access a highly qualified pool of talent, while enabling university graduates to gain valuable experience working alongside some of the most innovative and promising companies in the province.