InfinityQ x ExplorAI

Linking artificial intelligence and quantum-inspired technologies to address a real industry problem

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InfinityQ Technology, inc. develops quantum-inspired technologies to solve industry optimization problems that remain impossible for modern algorithms to work out. Founded in 2020, the company has developed an innovative computing machine and algorithms based on a new computing paradigm called an "Ising machine." The company, working in collaboration with Polytechnique Montreal, has opted for a digital approach. This new type of green technology operates with reduced energy consumption. InfinityQ helps its clients solve operational efficiency problems in various sectors, such as logistics, video games and cybersecurity. 

Explorai offers a suite of data analysis services to make cutting-edge technology accessible and relevant to SMEs.  These services, naturally, include the creation of machine learning models to perform, for example, estimation, classification and prediction tasks, but also tasks involving technology architecture development (architecture recommendation, exploratory data analysis) and software development for easy implementation of machine learning models in the technology stack used by its clients.  Explorai's mission is to create value through artificial intelligence.

The funded project 

In a pandemic environment where most people work from home and, increasingly, order online, concerns about logistics have taken on greater importance in the day-to-day world of most businesses. Ensuring on-time delivery at the lowest cost is essential to maintaining good productivity in a competitive market. 

The project proposed by InfinityQ, in collaboration with ExplorAI, was initially intended to create an innovative solution that would save between 15 and 30% of the costs associated with the "Travelling Salesperson Problem" (TSP). However, TSP is a textbook case. InfinityQ decided to develop a solution beyond TSP to provide more business value. Building on a similar algorithm, the company has deployed schedule optimization for a construction company. The business impact is significant, as schedule optimization is a recurring problem for many companies. On the development side, this allows for more in-depth work on algorithms without changing InfinityQ's hardware roadmap. As for ExplorAI, they use artificial intelligence to provide the most probable scenarios, which are then optimized by the InfinityQ machine. 

An excellent example of complementarity and collaboration between two innovative technologies: quantum and artificial intelligence, in which Quebec excels! 



Joint interview with Aurélie Hélouis, CEO and co-founder of InfinityQ and Rémi Dion, co-founder of Explorai    

  • How did Prompt support you throughout the funding process?  

"We were accompanied by Jinny Plourde, Program Director with Prompt. Jinny explained everything and guided us through the whole process of the project submission. We reviewed our applications together, and she advised us on the parts that needed reworking to maximize our chances of having our project approved. 

Because we filed a project as a collaborative innovation, that is to say, a joint project with another company and a research center, it was challenging to coordinate between all the players in the project. Jinny was there to keep us on track with deliverables as we completed key steps and with the handover of necessary paperwork. The Prompt team was always available during the implementation process, and their added value was significant for InfinityQ. Prompt played a crucial role in the approval of our project!" explained the co-founder of InfinityQ.  


  • What was the impetus for the collaboration between the two companies, Explorai and InfinityQ?  

" In 2021, Explorai participated in the Quantum Bootcamps organized by ACET National Bank, Centech Montreal, Entrepreneuriat Laval and Quantino, which brought together the quantum field’s  different actors. Prompt was a partner in this event. The Explorai team was presented as the experts in the application of artificial intelligence in the industry. This showcase of the quantum ecosystem confirmed there were many opportunities for networking between artificial intelligence and quantum. Indeed, quantum computing can benefit artificial intelligence, and the latter can facilitate the research that quantum offers. Aurélie and I had met during my studies at MILA and we made business connections after the Bootcamp," explains Rémi Dion, co-founder of Explorai. 


  • What is the added value of using artificial intelligence in a joint project with quantum technology? 


"Our goal is to bring academia’s work on artificial intelligence in line with business needs. InfinityQ offers an innovative solution that provides tenfold computational gains in a rigorously controlled environment. The challenge is to make it more flexible through feature engineering and machine learning. We worked with InfinityQ to develop a solution that integrates directly with Explorai's customer needs. All while delivering fast, responsive and efficient use cases. Our collaboration allows us to create a strong synergy between two cutting-edge technologies to find their true utility in the business world, combining operational research and machine learning," explains Rémi Dion.  


  • At this moment, what benefits do you see from funding?  

« As of now, we have two new technical hires at InfinityQ. The hires would not have been possible without this funding. It also allowed us to reach a new clientele with optimization problems in their operations similar to what had been developed. Finally, it allowed for a great collaboration with a company in artificial intelligence. We combined our efforts in these two cutting-edge fields so we could explore new avenues of business and technology development," says Aurélie Hélouis. 

"The project is still in progress, so the benefits are coming gradually. But the first and most valued benefit I would mention, from Explorai's perspective, is the visibility that Prompt offers to the scientific and business communities. Also, Prompt's funding has allowed us to iterate and adjust our initial strategy by prioritizing feedback from our partners rather than commercialization. We are now better able to meet the requirements and expectations of the industry we’re targeting," concludes Rémi Dion. 

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