Statement for a broadband strategy

Statement for a broadband strategy

On March 30th, during the event entitled ICT: prime drivers of sustainable development, 8 key Quebec Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) industry players joined voices with Prompt to sign a Statement for a broadband strategy.

The Statement, addressed to Quebec’s Government, proposes the following 5 elements which should form the foundation of a future Quebec Broadband Strategy.

  1. ICT are key drivers of sustainable development and a broadband strategy is a broad societal endeavour.
  2. Information infrastructure is fundamentally essential and enabling to all of Quebec society.
  3. A digital economy strategy must stimulate adoption of digital applications and services throughout society.
  4. The close linkage between ICT and energy: an opportunity for Quebec.
  5. An innovation ecosystem must support the implementation of a broadband strategy.

Click here to download the full Statement.

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